Jewelry Care Guidelines



  • Avoid dropping or bending; copper is strong but delicate.
  • Avoid scratchy surfaces during storage or wearing; this will protect your delicate crystals.
  • Be mindful when digging in deep pockets, bags, and avoid scraping on metal objects.
  • Wear and touch your amulet often to maintain a natural patina and polish.
  • Polish with a soft polishing cloth or woolen cloth when you feel the need.
  • Remove your copper jewelry when washing, bathing, swimming, and sleeping.
  • Store in a dry place such as a jewelry box or soft bag to prolong the soft luster finish.



Sometimes unvarnished copper may leave greenish marks on the skin, known as the oxidation reaction. The copper reacts with oxygen in the air, your sweat, and skin oils; creating a green layer of copper carbonate on your skin. If the protective wax coating wears or washes away over time this may occur. Marks on skin easily goes away with a soup and warm water washing. If you want to prevent that process you may choose to put a layer of transparent nail varnish on inside surface of the ring. This will further keep your fingers mark free.

If over time your piece develops a tarnish or oxidation you can clean and polish your ring. Do not use harsh abrasives or polishing compounds to clean these pieces. Instead, please first use an old soft toothbrush with warm soapy water. You can soak the piece for 2-5 minutes and scrub with the soft brush. Carefully dry with a clean soft rag, and polish with your polishing cloth. Some crystals and stones react when submerged in water, practice caution and confirm water is safe before doing so. Please contact us if you have questions and we will always do our best to get you the answers you need. 



If you believe in the magick and power that connects us to our world than there is even more you can do to care for your new adornment. I have begun the work, but now the rest is up to you. Knowledge is the root of your power, and I encourage you to seek out as much and as many sources as you can. This includes that knowledge that you find within. I invite you to also visit the RootFlowerFruit channel for ideas and inspiration on how to work with your own intentions and your crystals for healing and power.

Here are some ways to cleanse and charge your crystals:

  • Bathe your crystals in a bowl of clean water, moving water, freshwater, ocean, or sea water, while mindful that some crystals are harmful or are harmed by water. 
  • Charge your crystals overnight by the full moon, new moon, or any moonlight that feels right for your intentions.
  • Warm your crystals in the sun.
  • Rest your crystals in a place of power, such as on an altar, near a beloved plant, or another such auspicious location.
  • Learn about the cleansing powers of burnable herbs and resins.
  • Meditate on and with your crystals, through your mind’s eye, gentle gazing, holding, intentional words, spells, and more.
  • Intuitively design your own way of charging, cleansing, and empowering your crystals.