Meet the maker


"Education is the root, culture is the flower, and knowledge is the fruit."   -Swami Sivananda


I am an urban dwelling nature lover, equally drawn to the places where all the people are as I am to the places where only the wind, trees, and stones can hear me think. An artist all my life, a maker of things, a clairsentient explorer of the world, I am most comfortable using my hands to create, heal, and inspire. This comes from my great desire to learn by experience and to share what I've learned with others. It also comes from another place of knowing that there are limitless ways to make a positive impact on this world if you move through it with the right presence and intention. 

The work that I share here is a gift to you. There is magick within you and I believe that you are able to manifest great things with focused thoughts and clear action. I invite you to think of these objects as beautiful adornments. Culture is the flower. If you are ready I invite you to join me in exploration by looking more closely and digging deep into what your creativity can offer. Education is the root. Join me in discovering how exploration can feed your spirit in a new way. Knowledge is the fruit. 

You are magick. 

With gratitude and grace,
creator, educator, dreamer, magick-maker